Admission Process 

2020/2021 Registration


We will be incorporated as of January 1st and a New Policy will be implemented. Two weeks of Summer Break Camp Registration is required to maintain your spot for September 2020. A priority has been given to current families for Summer Camp registration. We will open registration to all families on our website on January 1st, 2020.


We have done our best to maintain current costs, however, due to increased expenses, there will be a 5% increase in fees effective September 1, 2020. Contact us for further details.


Contact Us 


Fill out our Contact Form so we have all your information. You can also use the Enquiry Form for Specific Programs. Select the Program option from the Menu. You will find a Submission box on the right-hand side of the Program information. Please note: All registration is currently accepted for School Year 2019/2020. 

  • Kids below age 4 (Not attending school) - Register Here!

  • Kids above age 4 to 12 years old (Attending School) - Register Here!

  • Full-Day Camps for Kids Ages 4 to 12 years old - Register Here!

  • Full-Day Care for Infants - Read More!

Kindly contact us directly for the 2020/2021 registration. We will open registration to all families on our website on January 1st, 2020. 


Please give us 2-3 Business Days to respond. We will look into your request and accordingly send a link to fill out our Registration Handbook. 


Tour Our Facility before Registration


If you would like to tour our facility or speak with our Program Director, Aphrodite Rubello, please request an appointment on the following days and timings:


Facility Tour Hours: 

Wednesday & Thursday (9 to 11 AM)


If the timing doesn’t work for you, please

Contact Aphrodite Rubello (416)-988-2415 between 1 to 3 PM or 6 to 8 PM. 


Once you have received our Registration Handbook. Kindly read all the information and provide permissions and signatures where required.



Onboarding is done only after completion and signature on the Registration Form. 


We use the Kinderlime App to communicate, sign-in and sign-out your kids for Pick-up, Drop-Off and share media about their on-going activities. We also use this app to reach out to parents for any information or updates required during the child's program hours.


You will be asked to download the App via a link. Once you receive a Kinderlime link, this means your family is on board and Registration is complete.  


Filling the Registration Handbook (sent via Link to your email) and on-boarding on the Kinderlime App confirms that your child is registered into the requested program(s).

Registration Policy


Registration must be completed 15 days prior for Monthly Packages (After-School Program: 5 Days weekly packages). Drop-ins for After-School Programs must be made with 48 hours prior information on Our Website or via Email. 


Once we have confirmed that a vacancy is available, you will be sent a Registration Handbook link from our website. We only do this to ensure your child receives dedicated attention since our After-School Programs have maximum students enrolled per day. 


Drop-Ins are accepted for bookings during Camps, Before-School and Hot Lunch Programs. 



Admission Withdrawal


Parents must inform 30 days prior to withdrawing from a monthly package in our programs. Our schedules, logistics, and staff are planned based on admissions every month. Advance information helps us make seamless preparations so your kids can have a nurturing experience. 




Fees & Charges 







Payment Policies


Once booked, you are invoiced at the beginning of each month automatically. We accept E-transfers thereafter on 


If you wish to opt-out of our program, we request 30 days written notice on the 1st of the month.







Health Policies 


  • Behaviour Management


Our goal at Riverdale Activity Centre is to help children learn to deal with their emotions and actions by communicating and reasoning. As children grow and learn, they go through stages of developing self-control over anger and aggression, depending on maturity, temperament and circumstances. The children learn to take responsibility for their actions and to respect other children and staff. Coaches are expected to help children regain control of their emotions and temper, not to stop them from expressing their feelings or moods. All situations are handled in a constructive way helping the child to make choices. 


  • Food and Nutrition/Special Diets


We endeavor to provide balanced, appealing and nutritious meals and snacks for your child using minimally processed, fresh, local or seasonally available foods whenever possible. Food choice is varied, with some vegetarian and other interesting dishes. Special cultural and ethnic foods may be offered during holidays or with programming events. No other outside food is allowed onto our premises without permission from the Director Aphrodite Rubello. Compliance with this rule helps to ensure the safety of all children at Riverdale Activity Centre, and especially those with food allergies. If your child requires a special diet because of health or religious reasons, please put the diet in writing and give a copy to Our Director Aphrodite Rubello.


  • Outdoor Play (and Playground Safety)


Riverdale Activity Centre is committed to providing a safe and creative outdoor program. We practice minimizing the possibility of injury by maintaining a safe playground, upgrading toys and equipment and supplying the required supervision.  The children have access to a variety of stimulating Outdoor/Indoor activities, including unstructured free play, various materials allowing creative outside time which fosters physical, co-operative, social and cognitive development. 


  • Communicable Diseases


At Riverdale Activity Centre we follow the guidelines set by the Canadian pediatric society for communicable diseases.

  • Chicken Pox

  • Conjunctivitis (pinkeye) 

  • Croup or Laryngitis

  • Ear Infection

  • Fever

  • Giardia 

  • Head Lice 

  • Hepatitis A 

  • HIB

  • Dehydration and diarrhea 

  • Impetigo 

  • Measles 

  • Meningococcal Disease 

  • Mumps

  • Pinworms 

  • Ringworm 

  • Roseola 

  • Rubella (German Measles) 

  • Scabies 

  • Scarlet Fever 

  • Strep Throat 

  • Thrush and Candida Diaper Rash 

  • Whooping Cough (Pertussis) 

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV


Safety Policies


  • Accidents and Accident Reports


All major accidents will be recorded on Incident Report forms. The document will be completed by the staff most closely involved, then reviewed by our director Aphrodite. Parents/caregivers are then asked to sign the forms, and copies are given to the parents/caregivers. When warranted, parents/caregivers are informed of the accident by phone. If the child requires immediate medical attention, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital. The parent will be called to join the child and staff at the hospital. If the child needs medical attention but it is not a medical, the parents will be asked to come to Eastminster church (310 Danforth Ave) or meet the child and staff at the hospital or clinic. 


  • Child Abuse


Riverdale Activity Centre is committed to taking a proactive position regarding the prevention of child abuse. In accordance with the Child and Family Services Act, staff will report any suspected child abuse or any child that might be at risk to the Children's Aid Society.


  • Escort to Schools


Riverdale Activity Centre staff escort children to two schools: Jackman and Claremont. To attend each school you must live in the catchment area for that school. School admission is the responsibility of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Our staff stay with the children until the children enter school. The TDSB staff are responsible for the children on school property. 


  • Sun Safety


During the summer months, Riverdale Activity Centre staff check for any Heat Advisories, Smog Alerts and Humidex Advisories that on a daily basis and plan accordingly. The time spent outside can be flexible and may change to earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon on days when heat, humidity, and smog are factors. The staff monitors the children for heat-related illness (e.g., heat exhaustion, heatstroke), paying special attention to children with asthma. Drinking water is a must during the summer months. Children can get their own sunscreen or Riverdale Activity Centre provides sunscreen with an SPF of 30-60 and staff apply it to children from May to September. Parents/caregivers are asked to pay a levy to help defray the cost of supplying sunscreen. If your child requires a special type of sunscreen, please provide it, clearly labeled with your child's name. 


  • No-tolerance for Violence


We will not tolerate violence at Riverdale Activity Centre’s premises. If a child is found abusing, hitting, throwing or using foul language, an incident report will be filled. The staff on duty will intervene as necessary to take appropriate action. Faculty will take precautions to ensure everyone is safe first. Thereafter, the misdemeanor will be reported to the Director. Parents of kids involved will be called to report the matter.


Policies and Procedures


  • Anti-discrimination


Riverdale Activity Centre values and respects the diverse racial and ethnocultural background of the community, staff, Board of Directors, volunteers and program users. Riverdale Activity Centre does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind either on a systemic or personal level.  Staff is required to read and sign the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and procedures, which are regularly reviewed and the Board. In the event of a complaint or incident, the policy and procedures will be explicitly followed to achieve resolution.  Any such incidents will be reported as a Serious Occurrence, as outlined in the Discrimination and Harassment Policy and procedures.


  • Inclusion


Riverdale Activity Centre strives to be inclusive and respectful and will work in partnership with families to ensure that children with varying needs and abilities can be included. This is a collaborative process between the Daycare, the child, and their parents/caregivers that includes assessing the child's needs in relation to what the Daycare is able to provide. 


  • Privacy / Confidentiality


Photographs of the children are sometimes taken and put on bulletin boards, shared with you, and placed in promotional materials, including the Riverdale Activity Centre’s website. There is typically no written information accompanying the photograph to identify the child by name, age, or otherwise. However, we understand that some Parents wish to not have their child’s photo used for any marketing purposes. Choose the option accordingly, we will follow your decision to your discretion thereafter. We also request you to maintain discretion and confidentiality to sensitive information that you might encounter with respect to other members associated with our organization. Riverdale Activity Centre strives to maintain a healthy and inclusive atmosphere focused on learning, sharing and community development.


Programs & Camps

Preschoolers 2.5+ yr olds - 4 yr olds

NOT attending school

Full-Day Hours


Half-Day Hours



5 days weekly  (Full Day)

5 days weekly  (Half Day)


3 days Mon-Wed-Fri (Full Day)

3 days Mon-Wed-Fri (Half Day) 

-2 days Tues-Thurs  (Full Day)

2 days Tues-Thurs (Half Day)


Drop-in Full Day

Drop-in -Half Day




After School Program:


Jackman School

All 5-Days Weekly **

Choose any 3 Days*

Choose any 2 Days*


Claremont School

All 5-Days Weekly **

Choose any 3 Days*

Choose any 2 Days*


**This price includes PA Days & Before School Drop-Off Complimentary.

*Part-time Options don’t include PA Days/Before school)

Before School Program

All 5-Days Weekly 

Choose any 3 Days

Choose any 2 Days


Hot Lunch Program

Drop-In Lunch

Bring Your Own  Lunch


PA Day Camps

All Days Afterschool


Currently After School Students

NOT After School Students


March Break Camps

March 16 to 20, 2020

NOT currently in Afterschool

Currently in After School


New Student

Enrolled Student



Summer Break Camps

June 29th to Sept 4, 2020



Drop-In: $80/Day (Drop-In) NOT Enrolled in Afterschool Program: $375/weekly (5 Days Camp)

Enrolled in the Afterschool Program: $325/weekly (5 Days Camp)

Week 1 & 6: $300/week (4 Days)

*Closed Canada Day (July 1st)

*Closed Civic Holiday (August 3rd)

Sept 2019 to Aug 2020 Current Fees



































Full-Day Hours 7:30-6:00
Half-Day Hours 7:30-12:30/12:30-6:00

- $1575/mth - Full Day
5 days weekly - $866/mth - Half Day

3 days Mon-Wed-Fri - $945/mth - Full Day
3 days Mon-Wed-Fri - $520/mth - Half Day

2 days Tues-Thurs- $630/mth - Full Day
2 days Tues-Thurs - $346/mth - Half Day

Drop-in - $75/Full Day
Drop-in - $40/Half Day
Hourly - $15/hr

Before school Program

Drop-in - $20
2 Days Tues-Thurs - $120
3 Days Mon-Wed-Fri - $160
Monthly - $200

Afterschool Program

Surrounding Schools (Jackman, Frankland, Holy Name & Withrow) - Pickup Included
Drop in - $35/day
3 days - $372.75 Mon-Wed-Fri
5 days - $603.75 (Includes PA Days)

Claremont School
Drop-in - $25/day
Monthly - $393.75 (includes PA Days)

Drop-in - $70/day (RAC Student)
Weekly - $325 (RAC Student)
Drop-in - $80/day
Weekly - $375


  • Two weeks of Summer Break Camp Registration is mandatory to maintain spot in our Afterschool Program. We have done our best to maintain current costs, however, due to increased expenses, there will be a 5% increase in fees for Afterschool Programming effective September 1, 2020.

  • Register here for  Programs for Ages 4+

  • Register here for Programs for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers 

  • We have made changes to our Admission Process.  Click here to find out more.

  • In the event of a TDSB school closure, we will be offering Day Camp Cost: $50/day for Students Enrolled in Our Afterschool Program. Costs will be $80/Day for Students not registered in our Afterschool program. Click here to Register. 

  • New Programs for Infants to Pre-Schoolers under the Age of 4-Year-Old. "Let's Play together" for infants to 2.5 Year Old (Guardians must be present on-site for the duration of the program). "Fun with Learning" for 2.5 to 4-Year-Olds.

Riverdale Activity Centre 

Program Director: Aphrodite Rubello


Eastminster United Church

310 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N6


Call: (416)-988-2415


Operating Hours:

7:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m

Monday to Friday

(Saturdays & Sundays Closed)

Programs Available

After-School Program

3:15 pm to 6 pm (Jackman PS)

4:15 pm to 6 pm (Claremont School)

Before-School Program

7: 30 am to 8: 30 am


Hot Lunch Program

11:30 am to 12:40 pm

Infants to Pre-Schooler Programs

Let's Play Together

Drop-In: 9:15 to 11:15 AM

Fun with Learning

Morning Session: 8:30 to 11:30 PM

Afternoon Session: 12:30 to 3:00 PM

Monday's & Tuesday's

Our Camps

7:30 am to 6 pm


PA Day Camps

Summer Camps

March Camps

Winter Camps

Home Daycare for Infants

Aphrodite’s Clubhouse

Preschool Program (Orton-Gillingham Method)

8:30 am to 11.30 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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